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AI in 2023

Can Generative A.I. Make us all Polymaths and Company Founders?

Top Ted Talks on AI in 2023

OpenAI's GPT-4 Fails Turing Test Simulation By Researchers

OpenAI GPT Technology will lead to Thousands of Lost jobs in 2024

OpenAI Claims Artificial Super Intelligence will manifest before 2033

Hereโ€™s what to know about EUโ€™s AI Act

Will 2024 be the Year of Small Language Models (SLMs) ?

Essential AI Comes out of Stealth

Is this the OpenAI of Europe?

The Generative A.I. Brief #24

OpenAI is in Trouble in 2024

AMD's MI300 chips will Power Faster AI Training

Google Gemini is Finally Here

Can A.I. Automate Vertical Farming?

2023 the Year of AGI

๐Ÿš€ Pika Labs Could Transform Video Prompting in 2024

Venture Capital's Race for AI Supremacy in 2023 Explained

Why Israel's AI21 Labs Will be a Success Story

The Generative A.I. Brief #23

Who to Follow on LinkedIn and X for A.I. Knowledge & News (repost)

Robots at Amazon

The Real Reason Sam Altman was Fired?

Nvidia Earnings: The Era of A.I. Chips And Generative A.I. Demand

Control Altman Delete

Microsoft is Eating the World

Schmisms Continue at OpenAI

How AI Might help us Survive on Mars

Debunking Myths and Realities of LLMs

Nvidia's H200, high-end A.I. Chip Increases its Dominance

Is Big Tech monopolizing the AI boom?

OpenAI and Character.AI Race for More Funding

"AI Took My Job" ๐Ÿ’ฒ

The Generative A.I. Brief #21

AI for Good: How European Climate Tech Startups Are Tackling Climate Change with AI

Amazon will Release its new Huge LLM Soon

OpenAI's GPT Store set to Launch AI Creator Economy

The "OpenAI of Europe" is Growing

OpenAI DevDay Highlights

China's pursuit of AGI and General Purpose Robots should not be Underestimated

Elon Musk startup xAI will debut its Artificial Intelligence Chatbot

The Generative A.I. Brief #20

Microsoft Copilot 365 Cannot Really Fail, Here's Why

Will AI Safety Summits Make for a Safer Generative A.I. Industry in 2024?

How AI is Going to Change Drug Screening Forever

A.I. Startups, Share your Origin Story on A.I. Supremacy

Generative AI is Breaking Society

Anthropic AI, a Light in Silicon Valley Darkness?

The Generative A.I. Brief #19

Who to Follow on LinkedIn and X for A.I. Knowledge & News (repost)

Can Apple Catch up in Generative A.I.?

Will AI Augment ancient Chinese practice of checking tongue to diagnose diseases?

The Generative A.I. Brief #18

The Robots are Coming for your Job

Can China build its own ChatGPT?

Summary of the State of AI Report Part II

Who will Mass Produce Humanoid General Purpose Robots First?

Summary of the State of AI Report 2023

What Disney's Cutest Robot Means for the Future

AMD's A.I. Chips want to Take on Nvidia

Google DeepMind's Robotics Breakthrough

How Generative A.I. Is Transforming Ed-Tech

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The Generative A.I. Brief #17

Anduril Shows the Weaponization of Silicon Valley

The Advent of "HustleGPT"

ChatGPT Vision - GPT-4V

Only Apple can Take on Google in Search

OpenAI Making an A.I. Device with Jony Ive

AI-Responsive Education

The Generative A.I. Brief #16

The most impactful AI events of 2023

Six of the Best Funded AI Startups

How Microsoft Upgraded the Internet Before Emergent A.I. Arrived

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Google Gemini is Coming

Who to Follow on LinkedIn and X for A.I. Insights, News and Education

The Future of Jobs in a Large Language Model Embedded World ๐ŸŒ

What Clinicians Really Think About AI

The Generative A.I. Brief #15

The Great Disconnect

Nvidia Has Doubled Inference Performance with H100 for A.I.

We'll Catch Alzheimer's with AI in Speech Patterns

GPT-4's Sparking Intelligence

๐Ÿ“– Good Reads in A.I. #2

Anthropic's Claude Pro is a Major Generative A.I. Product

Why China will Catch the U.S. in 2024 in Large Language Models Innovation

LinkedIn on the Future of Work

Unraveling the Ethical Complexities of A.I.

The Generative AI Brief - Issue #14

๐Ÿ“– Good Reads in A.I.

Why You Should be Skeptical of AGI

Why Nvidia and not OpenAI is Generative AI's Symbolic Company

Will Large Language Models replace Data Scientists?

How do we govern AGI?

Who to Follow on LinkedIn and X for A.I. Knowledge & News

The Generative A.I. Brief - Issue #13

An Overview of Googleโ€™s AI Product Strategy

What is

Guest Posts on A.I. Supremacy

Eric Schmidt backs AI and the Future of Science

Top AI, Machine Learning, and Data Engineering Newsletters of 2023

The Generative A.I. Brief - Issue #12

How far are we from AGI?

How to Integrate AI into Your HR Processes to Improve Employee Recruitment and Retention

Nvidia's New A.I. Chip Times the Generative AI Gold Rush

Zoom's Wacky AI Moves in 2023

Generative A.I. will Augment Technological Loneliness

The Generative A.I. Brief Issue #11

AI in mammography screening is safe and dramatically reduces Radiologist workloads

The UKโ€™s hottest early-stage AI startups

The Generative A.I. Brief #10

How Vulnerable is your Job to A.I. Really?

How AI Is Reshaping Hollywood

Top Unlisted A.I. Newsletters of Mid 2023

How Shopify's Adoption of Artificial Intelligence

Beginner's Guide to Prompt Engineering Tips and Tricks

An A.I. from Harvard predicts who is most at risk of pancreatic cancer

The Generative A.I. Brief Issue #9

Top A.I. LinkedIn Influencers to Super Follow (updated)

A.I. will Help us Bond with the Natural World in a New Fundamental Way

Where can AI go from here?

What is Gartner's Take on Generative A.I.?

The Generative A.I. Brief - Issue #8

Elon Musk launches his AI company, xAI

Anthropic A.I. Announces Claude 2

A.I. Health scans are going to become the Norm

Top A.I. LinkedIn Influencers to Super Follow

The Generative A.I. Brief Issue #7

OpenAI's ChatGPT Shows a Significant Slowing in Traffic

Will Women be More susceptible to automation moving forwards?

A.I. Is Translating History and Extending Human Senses Across Space and Time

The A.I. Funding Gold-Rush Just Hit a New Peak

The Generative A.I. Brief Issue #6

Top Generative A.I. Startups I'm watching in Mid 2023

How Will A.I. Impact the Future of Work (2023)?

Insilico Medicine's A.I. Drug Discovery Progress

Top A.I. Startups in the Future of Legal Technology

A.I in Education Newsletters

A.I. Summer Reading list on Substack, Issue #1

A Golden Age of Robotics is Coming 2025 to 2045

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The Generative A.I. Brief Issue #5

Six more companies competing with OpenAI

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The Future of Work in 2023

Top National Defense Substacks

The Generative A.I. Brief #4

National Defense and AI are on a Collision Course

How Solo Entrepreneurs are using Generative A.I. to Accelerate their Business?

A.I. Discovers Four Distinct Types of Autism

Cohere Shows Generative A.I. Startups Raising Large Amounts

The Generative A.I. Brief #3

A new important Generative A.I. startup has come out of stealth

Artificial Intelligence Can Build a Better World (๐ŸŒณIf We Make It)

Apple's WWDC 2023 Blew me Away๐ŸŽ๐Ÿคฏ

An Autonomous Era of Smart software inside helpful robots is almost here

Top Biotech Substacks

The Generative A.I. Brief Issue #2

How PaLM-2 Will Augment Healthcare

Is the Next Device & Interface an A.I. Personal Assistant in a Brain Computer Interface (BCI)

AI's world order: National security challenges and a new Cold War

๐ŸฆพMilestone 1.5 Years on Substack

What they Don't tell you about A.I. Jobs Disruption?

The Generative A.I. Brief Issue #1

A.I. Euphoria Lifts Nvidia's Market Cap Valuation Higher

OpenAI vs. Anthropic is the Key 2023 Startup Battle to Watch in Generative A.I.

The Dangers of the A.I. Gold Rush

China's Beijing AGI Strategy Taking Shape

Meta AI's contribution to the 'Speed of A.I.' is Considerable

Amazon's Secret Plan to Add A.I. Search

Hippocratic A.I. is First Safety Focused LLM for Healthcare

Will Robots and A.I. Heal the World?

๐Ÿฉบ A.I. Can Predict Pancreatic Cancer Up to 3 Years Before Diagnosis

Google is Innovating at Unprecedented Levels in A.I.

GPT Agents and AGI

Top Twitter Accounts on Artificial Intelligence in 2023(List)

Emergent Abilities of Large Language Models

What if the Winners of Generative A.I. are Open-Source?

World Economic Forum Report, Warnings from Microsoft and Hinton, Future of Jobs Report.

AI Tidbits April round-up

Regional Divergence on A.I. Alignment

Why A Terminator Scenario Suddenly is Not So Implausible

๐ŸฆพThe Impact of A.I. on Developer Productivity and Jobs

๐Ÿฆ„ The top six rivals competing with OpenAI

The Rise of Nation State Large Language Models and A.I.

Machine Learning's Role in Healthcare is Increasing at a Frantic Pace

Google's Grand A.I. Merge

The Dark Side of Generative A.I.

The Top AI Newsletters on Substack in 2023

Google's Incredible Comeback in A.I.

Elon Musk Sets out to build OpenAI Rival

ChatGPT is Getting Banned, on Privacy Watchlists and Mining Corporate Trade Secrets

Will LLMs learn more Agency in Doing?

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AI is reshaping how we Study and Interact with the Universe

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Will Larger LLMs and ChatGPT Really Disrupt our Jobs?

Bloombergโ€™s 50-billion parameter large language model - BloombergGPT

Summary of the 2023 Artificial Intelligence (AI) Index Report Published by Stanford Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence (HAI)

๐Ÿšจ Technology Governance Firefighter, Part II

Resistance is Mounting Against OpenAI and GPT-5

TikTok is a "Digital Fentanyl" that is Damaging Mental Health at Scale

GPTs are GPTs: An early look at the labor market impact potential of large language models

โœจMicrosoft Research Claims GPT-4 Step Towards AGI

The iPhone Moment of A.I. Has Started

The State of Text to Video in Early 2023

Google's A.I. in Identifying novel features for Colorectal Cancer

China's Military A.I. Advantages Are Becoming Clear in 2023

Towards the Generative A.I. Operating System (OS)

First Look at GPT-4

Microsoft's Responsible A.I. Behavior

AI May Create More Jobs Than You Think

Speculating on Multimodal LLMs and GPT-4

A.I Article Collective Curation Project

Artificial Intelligence will Augment Alzheimer and Dementia Detection & Early Risks Analysis

The A.I. Singularity Could Lead to more A.I. Risk and Existential Autonomous Military Threats

The Race for a Humanoid General Purpose Robot is Next

Is China ahead of the U.S. in Artificial Intelligence?

GPT-4 Is Getting Close

OpenAI Is Using AGI to Stoke A.I. Enthusiasm

What does the BingAI Moment Look like?

Apple's Breakthrough Diabetes Monitoring Future on its AppleWatch Shows BigTech's Healthcare Prowess

Nvidia's Importance in the A.I. Story

๐Ÿšจ Technology Governance Firefighter

A.I. in the Opioid Crisis

ChatGPT and Generative A.I's impact on our Jobs

A.I. Fighter Jets show an Autonomous Military is Near

A.I. is Starting to Build the Healthcare of the Future

AI risk and global order: will AI governance survive a new Tech Cold War?

The A.I. Supremacy Wars for the Future 'Interface of Search' and Advertising Dominance

Microsoft Prometheus is GPT-4 in Software

๐Ÿฆพ AI Hype in the Stock Market

Google announces Bard A.I. in response to ChatGPT

The Democratization of A.I. Thought Leadership

๐Ÿค– Advent of the BigTech Backlash

Breaking: Google Invests in AnthropicAI and Claude with $300 Million Round for 10 Percent of the A.I. Lab valued at $5 Billion

Microsoft is Starting to roll out ChatGPT into its Products

๐ŸŒŒ Why A.I. is Increasingly a Game Changer in Astronomy and Cosmology

What is Microsoft Research's BioGPT?

What is Google's MusicLM?

Dawning of the Machine Rebellion

๐Ÿงฌ The Age of A.I., Longevity and Biotech

What is Atomic AI?

Google's Antitrust Case Highlights A Chronic lack of A.I. Regulation and Rule of Law

Generative A.I. Tools and ChatGPT in Advertising, Marketing and Sales

Google AI's Great Comeback of 2023

๐Ÿ“Š Audience Demographics and All About you

Fair Use in the Training of A.I. Models

Top A.I. Powered Tools Not Named ChatGPT

Microsoft Thinks It Owns the Future of A.I.

Top A.I. Powered Tools Not Named ChatGPT

What is Google Sparrow

What is ChatGPT Professional?

Upgrade to Paid

๐Ÿ‘จ๐Ÿปโ€๐ŸŽ“ ChatGPT for Education

๐Ÿ’ป How will Microsoft Bring ChatGPT to Word, Outlook, Bing, and vs. Google?

Breaking: Microsoft Will Likely Invest $10 billion for 49 Percent Stake in OpenAI

ChatGPT as a Cheating Tool

โœจ Top People to Follow on Twitter in A.I. in 2023?

๐Ÿ’ผ How to find A.I. Jobs in Talent Collectives

Top Trends in A.I. in 2023

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What is GPT-3.5 and Why it Enabled ChatGPT?

The Perpetual Dawn of Commercial A.I.

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