Sitemap - 2022 - AI Supremacy

A.I. Supremacy One Year Anniversary Post

What are Emergent Abilities in Large Language Models?

Prediction: Fast Food Automation will come faster in 2023

Year in Review: A.I. Supremacy Crosses First Year Mark - Building in Public Report to Subscribers

✊🏽 The Artist Revolt vs. A.I. has Begun

🤯 A.I. Can Help Detect Brain Tumor Boundaries

🚨 Google Issues "Code Red" Over ChatGPT

🤖 How 2022 Was a Big Year for A.I.

TikTok may get Banned in 2023-24 due to A.I. Ethics and privacy rules.

What is Artificial Imagination?

Why China May Lead in the Regulation of Generative A.I.

What is Reinforcement Learning with Human Feedback (RLHF)?

Why Stack Overflow Banned ChatGPT

⚗️ Top ChatGPT Tools to Explore in December 2022

What is Lensa A.I. Taking Over the Internet?

No, ChatGPT does not "Scare Google"

Taiwan's Unique role with TSMC in U.S. A.I vs. China A.I. Wars

⚗️ChatGPT Most Extraordinary Tweets

What is GPT-3.5?

What is OpenAI's ChatGPT?

⚗️GPTChat is Going Viral

Is Meta's AI CICERO Dangerous?

Google AI and Breast Cancer Making Progress

The A.I. Cold War has Arrived

Canada's Bill C-11, Bill C-27 and The Online Streaming Act

The Dark Side of Generative A.I.

A.I. is Automating Astronomical Discoveries

Here's what you May have Missed! 🤖⚗️🔬

Super Intelligent A.I. is Neither Necessary nor Desirable

What is Stable Diffusion 2.0?

Nvidia's Text-to-3D

Automation and Silicon Dystopia

Meta's Galactica AI Incident in late 2022

The Race to Generative A.I.

Would there be any interest in a Talent Collective Hub around A.I.?

Microsoft has an Unfair Generative A.I. Advantage

What is OpenAI Startup Fund?

Cerebras Reveals Andromeda

GPT-4 is Coming

AI is being used to Connect with dead family Members

How will AI Transform Longevity and Drug Discovery?

Microsoft's Epic Lawsuit around GitHub Copilot for software piracy explained

Google Robots That Write Their Own Code

TikTok's Hyper Addictive Feed an A.I. Parlor Trick of Behavioral Hackings

Artificial Intelligence is poised to Augment the 🧬 Life sciences in 2023

Artificial Intelligence will enable Early Autism Detection

Looking Towards and After the AI Singularity

The Entire History of You

TikTok is a Mental Health Timebomb of Algorithmic Influence

The Ploy to Profit from an AI cold war with China

Generative AI Hits the Mainstream in 2023

What is CarperAI

AI and the Future of Sepsis

Rise of the Decentralized A.I. Labs

AI-Generated Steve Jobs and Joe Rogan Podcast

What is Generally Intelligent?

State of AI Report 2022

A.I. in Alzheimer’s disease in 2022

Insights into A.I. of Healthcare in 2022

The State of AI in 2022

Microsoft's Monopolistic power in A.I. has a First-Mover Advantage

The Deepfake Music Industry is Coming

The Semiconductor Chip Cold Wars Begin

Are Self-Driving Cars a Sham?

Text-to-Video Highlights an Internet Without Rules (or Borders)

Are A.I. Eye Checks the New Heart Disease Warning Test?

What is Phenaki: A text-to-video model

A.I. Leads to Astronomical Breakthrough

Why A.I. in Healthcare is a New Paradigm

Chat with Nathan Lambert A.I. Researcher

AI Portraits Then, Now and Would-Have-Been

What is OpenAI Whisper?

What is Microsoft Research Summit 2022? 🔎🔬👨🏽‍🔬

Will Artificial Intelligence replace software developers?

DeepMind and Oxford Researchers warn of Existential Dangers of A.I.

Discussion thread 💬: Will China Beat the U.S. in AI Supremacy? If so, by when?

A.I. in Cybersecurity, and Nvidia's AI Chips Impact on China in Geopolitical dystopia 🛡️🔐🐼

AI Detects Tuberculosis from X-rays

LinkedIn Futurist Micro Influencer Covering A.I. Startups

Can Neural Networks Learn to Learn? 🎓📖💡

What is AI21 Labs?

My Interview with TimeXtender

What is the Machine Economy? ⚙️🤖🔧

Gartner's Prediction about Call Centers 💁🛒👥

What is Microsoft's BEIT-3?

Google's Deep Mind wants to use A.I. to Save Giant Turtles

U.S. Government limits A.I. Chip sales to China

The Origin Story of Scale AI 👾

Emergent Abilities of Language Models

Gifting International Paid Plans 🎁

What is Stable Diffusion? ⚗️

How A.I. Is Befriending Language 🤖

Will A.I. automate software testing and displace QA Testers?

Can Artificial Intelligence uncover an alternative physics?

The Social Credit Score of Productivity Ratings

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare is a Long Game

AI and Drug Overdose Deaths

Discussion thread: What are the best examples of AI for Good in the world today?

Will AI-Driven Biology and Quantum-Based Chemistry Improve the Future of Healthcare?

Google is using AI to improve search experience

BigTech has no incentives to making moral machines

The US military is building its own Metaverse

Discussion thread: Will A.I. and automation lead to a disruption in human jobs with higher productivity but lower labor force participation?

AI can reveal new cell biology

DeepMind's AlphaFold AI Predicts nearly all protein structures known to science

Discussion thread: Will tools like OpenAI's DALL-E 2 Disrupt Jobs of Designers, artists, freelance brand experts, illustrators and marketers at scale over time?

What is Microsoft AI4Science?

Palantir's Evolving role with the Army

Should we Worry about AI?

What is Microsoft Power-Apps?

Google Fires AI sentient claiming Engineer

The Future of A.I. Regulation

Colossal-AI Seamlessly Accelerates Large Models

AI Supremacy and Quantum Foundry Community

A.I. in Racism, Sexism and Unequal Access (in Healthcare)

Tesla AI leader Andrej Karpathy Has Left the Company

Can Bloom Democratize A.I. Better than BigTech?

AI Evolving our Understanding of the Human Gut

What is Salesforce's CodeRL?

What is 'No Language Left Behind'?

China Mind Reading and Censorship of Comments

The Case for Robotic Surgery Improving Healthcare

Re-Introduction to AiSupremacy & Substack Architecture

What is Google AI's Minerva?

Cosmo Let AI Design Its Latest Magazine Cover

AI to help study first images from James Webb Space Telescope

A Path Towards Autonomous Machine Intelligence

Yann LeCun and A.I. that Mimics the Human Infant Brain

Can Open-source language AI challenge BigTech’s models?

Microsoft to temporarily stop emotion reading Facial Recognition tech sales

Artificial Intelligence is Augmenting Astronomy

A.I is Advancing at the Intersection with Autism

What is Canada's Digital Charter Implementation Act, 2022

What is Scale AI?

What is Shield AI?

Google Keeps Firing A.I. Researchers Under the Most Bizarre of Circumstances

AI Has the Potential to Transform Healthcare

AI Can Solve and Generate University Math Problems

AI Transformer Wars for Talent Breaks out in 2022

Andrew Ng's Landing AI Launches LandingEdge

Artificial Intelligence Being Used to Practice for Job Interviews

Artificial Intelligence Will Save the Metaverse

Large Language Models are Zero-Shot Reasoners

AI and Patent Law at a Crossroads in the 2020s

Artificial intelligence Is Outperforming Astronomers to find Earth like Planets

Microsoft Launches Azure OpenAI Services at its Build Conference

What is Imagen?

China's World First Drone Carrier uses AI for Unmanned Maritime Intelligence

Autonomous Transportation and Logistics are Coming

Wayve Partners with Microsoft to Scale Autonomous Vehicles

Gato and the Quest for Artificial General Intelligence

AI Labs Claiming they are Near AGI is Pure Rubbish

AI can recognize race from X-rays — and nobody knows how

Google's 10-point skin tone scale could help make AI less biased

What is DeepMind's Gato A.I?

What is Hugging Face AI?

Microsoft's AI-as-a-Service Ecosystem Rapidly Improving

Artificial Intelligence is improving the use of Hearing Aids

Google AI Researchers Train Robot Dogs to Fall Less and Move with More Agility

China is Building an AI powered 3D-printed dam on Tibetan plateau

Meta AI is sharing Open Pretrained Transformer (OPT-175B) With the World

Voting on A.I. policy, ethics, future.

Google's Habit of Firing AI Researchers

What Is Adept AI Labs?

What is MoLeR?

The Problem of Artificial Intelligence and Religious Freedom

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ByteDance Ventures Deeper Into Music With New Sound-Editing App

Hospitals are turning to AI to Shorten Hospital Stays

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Is Artificial Intelligence the Future of Warfare?

A.I. Can Now Predict Tumor Regrowth in Cancer Patients

How AI Drug Discovery Could Endanger Humanity

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Robotic Indoor Vertical Farming Will Transform Agriculture by 2040

Using Artificial Intelligence to Diagnose Skin Cancer

The Explainable AI Problem & the Black Box Dilemma

What is DeepMind's GPT-3 Rival Chinchilla?

Zoom will Upgrade Sales Professionals with AI Powered Features

Artificial Intelligence in Autism Detection

Breaking News: Sequoia Leads Series A Funding in the company that Will Lead Enterprise SaaS Prediction

What is Jump Start Reinforcement Learning?

The Future of A.I. in Healthcare

Update on DALL-E A.I. 2, OpenAI's Picture Making Breakthough

What is Pathways Language Model (PaLM)

Can Artificial Intelligence Create Art?

What is Salesforce's CodeGen?

Microsoft AI-assisted bracket exceeds 99.9997% of others in basketball tournament

A.I. Has Helped Humans Know the Family Tree of the Milky Way

Artificial Intelligence has now beaten eight world champions at bridge

How Tesla's Masterplan Is a Consumer Humanoid Robotics Revolution

China's Terminator AI Advantage in the New Cold War

Nvidia Announced 3 New Powerful AI Chips Last Week

Artificial Intelligence Helps Cut Miss Rate of Colorectal Polyps

New GPT-3 Capabilities: Edit & Insert

What is Project Z-code?

Alphabet is Spinning out 'Sandbox AQ'

Further Insights on the Stanford 2022 AI Index Report

What The Stanford 2022 AI Index Tells us About AI Adoption

Will Transformers Take over Artificial Intelligence?

The Future of A.I. according to Yoshua Bengio and Yann LeCun

Artificial Intelligence is Taking on Parkinson's Disease

How is Artificial Intelligence Weaponized in Warfare, the Untold Story

What is Microsoft Research's µ-Parametrization?

This Month in Artificial Intelligence News

What is Inflection AI Reid Hoffman's Second Company after LinkedIn?

A.I. Advances in Treatment Of Spinal Cord Injuries and Surgery

Salesforce AI Presents BLIP

Microsoft Research Presents COMPASS

The Dystopian Robot Dogs Have Entered Society

How the Great Automation Will Kill People

LinkedIn Showcases Real-Time Features for Near Real-Time Personalization

Google AI Making Progress in Federated Learning with Formal Differential Privacy Guarantees

Future of A.I. in Neurosurgery

How can A.I. contribute to the Environment?

Meta Unveils Voice Mods for the Metaverse Plus AI-powered ‘universal speech translator’

Introducing Artificial Intelligence Survey Newsletter

Microsoft Unveils 'Singularity' AI infrastructure service

A.I. is Changing the Future of Semiconductor Chip Design

DeepMind AI and Nuclear Fusion?

More Robots Enter the Workforce Each Year

What is DeepCTRL?

A.I. Will Predict Alzheimer's Years In Advance by 2027

Is Partial or Semi-Conscious Artificial General Intelligence Possible?

Dead End Discovery Reinforcement Learning A.I. in Healthcare Policy

How Does A.I. Intersect with the Future of the Brain-Computer Interface?

A.I. Is Being Boosted by Supercomputers

Will China's A.I. Nanny Augment China's Fertility Problem?

How AI Is Deciding Who Gets Hired

Google DeepMind's AlphaCode is a Game Changer for AI Coding

Trump's Truth Social Will Use AI To Censor Platform

AI Will Augment Our Understanding of the Universe and Space

Will A.I. Disrupt Truckers in the 2020s?

What is SenseTime's Massive New AI Data Center?

What are Hypernetworks where AI Builds AI?

Artificial Intelligence Could Help Detect Onset of Cardiovascular Disease

Introducing Twist: A Language for Quantum Computing

Microsoft can Leverage AI in Healthcare Industry

What is Meta's New AI Supercomputer?

Facebook's Data2vec is an AI that can Learn in Multiple Modes

Elon Musk Says Tesla Robots might be Important for AGI

Trending Now: AI-Generated in NFT Sector

Technology Trends of 2022 Rebooted

AI Gaining Momentum in National Security in 2022

What is Google AI's V-MoE?

Delivery Robots will Transform Our Cities by 2027

Why I'm Launching a LinkedIn Group for AiSupremacy

Will A.I. Automate Many Jobs?

Prediction: Deep Learning will Disrupt LiDAR for Robo-Taxi Revolution

Surveillance Capitalism Will Lead to Predictive Analytics of Everything

A.I. Adoption in 2022 in the Business World

What is DeepMind's Gopher?

Top AI Trends of 2022

Microsoft Has Developed an AI That Can Find and Fix Bugs in Code