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This military money might bring advancements which benefit the wider population as well. Maybe...

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I'd say we go back to the proposed idea of having nuclear launch codes in someone's chest cavity. That's a good way to keep a human always "in the loop" , but in all seriousness it seems kinda ironic that possibly one of the safest options would be to "analoguize" (in case it isn't already I'm.not knowledgeable enough) most of the chain of command and capacities of a nuclear launch. But then again misinformation inside the organization could provide a human failure in the system ... 🤷‍♂️

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And interesting those that oppose antitrust regulation often make the national security argument: Facebook was the main donor to a group that fought antitrust reforms in 2020 and 2021


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Disappointed in this one. You object to Silicon Valley’s AI hype, yet your own Terminator headline and talk of ASI is equally breathless. You are stoking fears just as you say SV is stoking AGI to sell products.

No, AI-enabled killer drones are not imminent. Yes, there are people in the US military who actually care about responsible AI. Yes, there are guardrails and rules in place in the US military to ensure that AI is used in safe, lawful, and ethical ways. More so in fact than in some commercial companies.

You do your readers a disservice by talking about military AI in ways that are not matched by the facts. If people really understood the state of AI in the US military today, they would likely be underwhelmed. Not running for the hills because Terminator might be just around the corner.

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