Voting on A.I. policy, ethics, future.

POLLOLOGY issue #1 May, 2022

Pollology is all about Polls on Artificial Intelligence. I’ll be using LinkedIn to conduct the polls with the links in this article, that can always be found at the top of AiSupremacy (website). In the Pollology journal. You will also be able to add your comment on the “thread” here on Substack that will live on forever, while the LinkedIn poll will only be “live” for 2 weeks.

  • Opportunity for voting

  • Opportunity for interactive debate on the Question

  • I will also try to involve A.I. personalities from Twitter & LinkedIn (or at least invite them to participate)

  • Instead of Making a Discord, I wanted to try a more “open” format that anyone could see. If I had enough paid members, I might consider having this event behind a paywall. (This Newsletter is only 5 months old).

After the Poll time is “over” I will post a screenshot below as well. Then this pattern will be repeated in the next issue, so feel free to check the section at the top at any time.

Each Pod will feature 4 Polls, but more may be added during the period. If you make a comment on this thread, simply remember to number your comment so we know which poll you are talking about. If there is no link on “Vote”, it means the poll has yet to go live. Like I said, voting will only last 2 weeks for each question, the maximum duration for a LinkedIn Poll.

My hope is this stimulates dialogue and insights in a forum-like environment that informs, inspires and also attracts experts from the field to participate, and share their knowledge.

Question Pod #1

  1. 🔮 Will “superintelligent” AGI arrive before 2050? - Vote. Yes/No (For Link to the Poll, click on “vote”) - Poll ends May 17th.

  2. 🔐 Should government use of AI be more restricted? - Vote. (Credit, Louis Bouchard)

    Definitely / Maybe / No / Abstain - Poll ends May 20th.

  3. 🗽 Does the world need a global body to regulate A.I. without political or financial bias?

Vote. Yes/No - Poll ends May 19th.

4. 🗣 Is Google wrong for firing A.I. researchers who question its ethics, conduct and papers? Vote. Yes/No/Possibly - Poll ends May 18th.

Question Pod #2

  1. 🗿 Will delivery, robo-taxis and Humanoid robots become mainstream by 2030? - Vote. Yes/No/In major smart cities only. - Poll ends May 22nd.

TBA - check this page.

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While you are pondering these questions, Louis Bouchard has a list of interesting websites to follow regarding A.I. (Credit to this blog, here, where this list originally appeared).

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So let’s try this out and let me know when you think.