Introduce Yourself

Welcome to my Newsletter.

AiSupremacy, né December, 2021.

Please comment on this thread to share who you are and what creative projects you are currently working on in your work or your life. Alternative prompts: How do you see A.I. impacting society? Do you believe humanity will achieve AGI in the 21st century?

Hey everyone, kindly share a bit about yourself here so I and we can get to know each other better. What does your interest in artificial intelligence stem from? Which sources do you like to keep up to date about it? What is your professional orientation and feel free to share your LinkedIn or Twitter if you feel comfortable doing so.

I’ll go first, my name is Michael Kevin Spencer, I live in Montreal, Canada. I am an amateur futurist that started blogging about technology randomly and grew an interest in many topics including A.I., social media trends and many others that I turned into Newsletters here. I am a total news junkie. My LinkedIn is:

At the moment, I’m brainstorming about the Creator Economy and meeting like-minded people who are doing the same thing. For instance I had my first “corporate sponsor” to supplement my subscription income here, to afford to actually do what I love doing. I’d love to know more about you.

Your turn: Introduce yourself and share your passion and work. I’m sure we’ll all meet some likeminded souls doing this!