How am I doing?

I wanted to touch base with my audience over all of my Newsletters, this humble self-employment indie media gig, of being a member of the Creator Economy. Here I’ll try to share personal reflections, updates, new projects and exciting stuff.

As of April, 2022, I’m relatively new to Substack (4 months on), and have little to no idea what I am doing. All I know is I love covering news at the intersection of the future. I also realize I’m a landing page for Newsletters, maybe one of the most anonymous and solitary aspects of the Creator Economy information flow. As such, I wanted to tap into the community and let you guys know what I’m going through in journal format.

  • Personal Sharing

  • Stats on my growth on Substack

  • New projects I am experimenting with

April 22nd, 2022

“Journals” arrive to highlight niche topics

Today I’m launching “Journals”, they will be embedded in my Newsletters (at the top) and add further niche articles. I had to do this since on Substack I literally “ran out” of the ability to create new landing pages. So far this week I’ve added:

  • Immortalis - Genomics, biotech, life-sciences. Longevity startups. This is an off-shoot of Quantum Foundry but a distinct Newsletter focused on a niche. (Quantum Foundry)

  • Eco Touch - Climate change news, artic spotlight, global warming, science news relating to the Environment directly. (Space Y)

  • Penny Honey - Specifically about penny stocks and micro cap trends, coverage, stock alerts and so forth. (StockQuest)

  • Venture Capital Central - Venture Capital, seed rounds, IPOs, business related news, M&A. This place covers that. (Sublink)

  • The Stripe Gen - Payments, Stripe, Creator Monetization, NFTs, how Creators get paid on Web 3.0. (Web3 Digest)

  • Game Over - Gaming news, NFT of Gaming, gaming ecosystems, new releases, MMOs, and so forth. (Web3 Digest)

  • Submark - Actionable tips for Substack writers. (Creator Economy Tips)

  • C-Suite Crypto - This is info about crypto investing, blockchain startups, investing in Web3, altcoins, NFTs and so forth. (Stock Quest)

  • Benefactor - A.I. in healthcare and A.I for good articles. Artificial intelligence may empower and augment us. This is that story. (AiSupremacy)

  • Pollology - Polls on A.I., datascience, future of technology and related topics. Discussions, debates and reflections on trends. (AiSupremacy)

  • Siphon - Paper summaries, Engineering blog case studies, breaking news from A.I. labs, more technical articles. (AiSupremacy)

  • Market Macro - Fiscal policy, economics, macro market conditions at a glance. (StockQuest)


I’m living on about $1,300 a month for a family of two. My Mother has Cancer. My Step Mom has a debilitating case of Tinnitus. It’s been a hard last few months. I don’t know many people who could do this in the prime of their life, to do what they love. I’m either a neuro-divergent cat, or seriously maladjusted since the pandemic. Financial worries consume my thoughts recently, but I am strangely enjoying it (the challenge of being full-time on Substack). I cannot even fake it till I make it. It is what it is.

Still in my LinkedIn experiments I have been able to create some initial traction on my flagship Newsletter, AiSupremacy.

I didn’t stop there, I created more Newsletters. For the record, growth is challenging across the board. Cheerleaders are direly welcome. Even a like on an article or a comment, goes a long way to feel supported.