Discussion thread: Will tools like OpenAI's DALL-E 2 Disrupt Jobs of Designers, artists, freelance brand experts, illustrators and marketers at scale over time?

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DALL-E 2 is an incredible product and the art is nice. It’s so good it might gradually disrupt some artists and designers who work freelance. This is a hypothesis of some future watchers.

Indeed it appears AI-as-a-Service will soon have tons of new startups that begin to disrupt some human occupations. Low-code platforms and Robotic process automation are an example.

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I want to give credit to Alberto Romero (Algorithmic Bridge on Substack), who wrote about this on June 24th, earlier than the story become more generally explored in the mainstream media, for some context here is the article:

The Algorithmic Bridge
DALL·E 2 Will Disrupt Art Deeper Than Photography Did
Are we going to soon witness the creative genius of a virtual Picasso or Leonardo da Vinci? We could be on the way with the latest trend in the AI field: visual generative models. While systems like GPT-3 create text from text, others like DALL·E 2 — a wordplay between Spanish painter Salvador Dalí and Pi…
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Several outlets have now covered this topic including:

Venture Beat: https://venturebeat.com/2022/07/26/openai-will-dall-e-2-kill-creative-careers/

You can find my LinkedIn Poll on this topic here.

BigTech is playing down a future where A.I. products automate or replace human jobs. After a great surge in hiring during the pandemic, companies like Amazon, Tesla, Meta, Coinbase, and Shopify have had to ax many of those new positions.

Freelancers have been among our most vulnerable workers during the pandemic. I can think of several use cases where DALL-E 2’s incredible photorealistic images take jobs away from artists, illustrators and freelance brand experts.

It’s just a question of scale, price, quality and competition in a internet that’s becoming more synthetic every day.

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