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Like I discussed in the intros to sharing of the Guest Book with each other, I wanted to embed more community interactions.

In this thread, share any Newsletter on Substack and why you enjoy reading it. It can be 3 sentences on why you would recommend it to us. I will above the thread section give links to some resources I think might interest you. Note that your Newsletter recommendations don’t have to be AI related, it could be a Newsletter on anything at all that you enjoyed.

A.I Links and Bookmarks

🌎 Around the Web

Synced | Market Tech Post | Artificial Intelligence Reddit | All AI News | Future Studies Reddit |

🔥 On Substack

A.I. Survey | Last Week in AI | Deep Learning Weekly | The A.I. Ethics Brief | The Sequence | Last Week in AI Podcast | Leading with AI Archives | Data Science Learning Center | Quantum Foundry | Quantum Pirates | True Positive Weekly

⚡️ More Around the Web

Hacker News | Towards Data Science | Artificial Intelligence Weekly | Technology Reddit | Artificial Intelligence TechCrunch | Venture Beat A.I. | (a Better Search) | Google News | TBA

Your Turn, recommend a Substack Newsletter below and tell us why it is worth taking a closer look at.